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​Are You Still Losing Your Hair?

Dr. Parker, N.D. on 12th Mar 2020

Are You Still Losing Your Hair?


Are you still losing your hair, you don't have to! Chances are that if your hair has continued to thin out over the years, it will continue to thin out and eventually you could go bald! It is important to act on the first signs of hair thinning and hair loss to prevent the long-term emotional and psychological effects of hair loss. This is important for men and especially women as our appearance affects our sense of self-worth and well being. It is not enough to put on wigs or weaves as they do not resolve the underlying feelings of hair loss that women suffer. As someone who has suffered a variety of types of hair loss in my 20s,30s, and 40s , I know what you are going through.

I know what it feels like to lose your hair. As a black woman, chemist, trichologist, aesthetician, educator and now board certified naturopathic doctor, I am uniquely qualified to help you with your hair loss. If you are still suffering hair loss and have not tried or purchased the Ashley Lauren line of thinning hair products, I encourage you to give them a try along with a healthy diet, plenty of water and rest. If you have more serious or chronic hair loss, you could have an underlying medical condition that might require a more holistic treatment plan. Last year upon completing my degree to become a naturopathic doctor, I completed my dissertation on the physical, chemical and psychological effects of stress on the hair and skin.

My research data allowed me to discover on a much deeper level why women and men especially African American women suffer hair loss and how it is treated in the medical and naturopathic professions. I know how to help you grow your hair back. I not only do custom services for hair growth tailed to your needs, but I make custom clinical herbal formula's that help balance hormones and address other issues that cause hair loss.

I will be taking appointments for services later in the year with an announcement of which kind of mental and physical client services I will offer. Some insurance plans will cover my services. However, I encourage you to act now before it is too late by using the finest quality natural products available. You will always have my promise, never to dilute or pollute the Ashley Lauren product line to make a profit.

Keep the faith and have a blessed and wonderful day!

Dr. Georgia Parker, ND

Minister of Health

Founder, Ashley Lauren Natural Products