Hair Testimonials


Hello Mrs Ashley Lauren my name is E. Dortch my beautician had spoke with u at one of your events in August 2013 in Evanston I have been using your hair thinning kit with the mask and I see some improvements in my hair. Every since I've starting using your products my hair is starting to grow in especially in the balding and thin areas. Thank you very much.

E. Dortch, Chicago, IL

It was a blessing to see you today. Thanks to your thinning kit and herbal kit that I started using on June 15, 2013 my hair is starting to grow back. I am attaching some pictures as to how my hair was in June 2013 when I came to the closing of your Evanston store.  My hair and scalp was damaged in May of 2012 and had not improved until I started using Ashley Lauren hair products.  I am so grateful. 
Thank you, God truly blessed your session on today.  I am glad to have been in the mist.

Love and Prayers always,
J. White Street
South Holland, IL

I just  want to say Georgia Parker, I thank God for you. Sorry I didn't get the chance to met you before your salon closed in Evanston. I am  excited that your products will still be available. Because of you and the effort you put into your hair care line of products, I have seen tremendous growth in areas that I have not seen in years. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I will continue to use your products which are the herbal shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner and will soon be purchasing the hair cream.  I can't tell you how difficult it was for me to find natural hair care products for my hair and for you to come out with such a product was a lifesaver to me. I used Carol's Daughter products prior to hearing about your hair care line and must say I felt there was something about you so genuine and true that I felt the need to convert to your line of products. Thank you over and over again. I support you, I love you and I pray that God will continue to strengthen you as you go forward.

Carolyn Dunn, Chicago

Ashley Lauren products have worked great for my clients hair. The products are the best that I have used for all hair types. I appreciate that I do not have to buy multiple lines of products to use on my clients. I can use the products for a variety of hair types. Whether I am doing a straight hair style or 2 strand twist. The products have helped my clients hair grow healthy and strong and they smell good too!

Christa, Hair Stylist Chicago

Ashley Lauren Natural Products have worked great for my hair. I not only use the products, I have received herbal hair treatments from Georgia. She has really helped my hair that was once thinning in the top. I have told her that she should get her hands insured, because she gives such excellent scalp treatments that not only grow the hair but feels amazing when she touches your hair and scalp.

Alderman Holmes Delores Holmes,Evanston, IL

Ashley Lauren Natural Products have strengthened my hair, and for the first time in a very long time I have strong, healthy hair. Nearly a decade ago, I lost a lot of hair due to braids. The crown area took the greatest damage and I struggled for years to get the hair to grow in this area. I started going to Ashley Lauren Natural Products and Salon in February of 2003. Georgia Parker conducted a hair analysis, and encouraged me to go natural. She explained that many African-American women are having serious issues with their hair and scalps. I immediately began using Ashley Lauren l Products and I must admit that these products are the best in the hair industry. If you want strong, healthy and beautiful hair, then you need Ashley Lauren. It has been almost seven years, and I love my natural hair. It has given me more confidence and a greater sense of pride. This is very important, especially when you do ministry work.

Minister Merridith Graham (Des Plaines, IL)

I have used a number of hair & Skin care products. I was completely bald in the crown and nape area of my head. Georgia's scalp treatments and Ashley Lauren's products completely restored my hair in the crown within four months. I love the products and will continue to use them.

Elizabeth, 79 years old, Chicago

I have been using Ashley Lauren Hair, Skin & Body Care for over 9 years. A lot of product lines talk about what they can do for the end user, unfortunately they leave the consumers disappointed. Georgia's scalp treatment have helped my hair grow much longer and healthier and her facials have really helped my skin. Georgia really cares about her customers health and well being. Finally, a company that cares about the well-being of its customers as opposed to profits.

A. Poole (Chicago, IL)

I stopped using chemical products in my hair about 3 years ago. Since using the Ashley Lauren products hair is so soft, silky, smooth and healthy. It has never been so long and strong. Thanks much. I love the jojoba hair oil and the leave in conditioner.

Cynthia, Ohio

 I am so grateful to Ashley Lauren for creating such great products. I was balding in the crown and the sides of my hair from a relaxer. After going natural and using the (TSS) system for 1 year my hair is now 7 inches long and healthy all over. I thank God for you!

Sharon, Michigan

After my hair gradually began to thin out over the years from relaxers, I decided that I needed a natural alternative. A friend referred me to you and I must admit that my hair is so much more thicker, softer and easier to manage. The jojoba oil has really helped my thinning edges and crown. The TSS system straightens my hair without weighing it down.

Thanks much for the great product.

L. Turner, Indiana

Ashley Lauren Natural Products have revived my naturally curly hair. I have used the Aloe & Jojoba Leave in conditioner and Jojoba oil for 9 years to help my hair stay healthy and frizz free. I have long curly hair and the products help me style my hair without leaving it frizzy or oily. Its so soft and silky, I also use it for my two year old daughters hair. Ashley Lauren Aloe & Jojoba leave In is the best product that I have every used for my multi-cultural curly hair. Many manufacturers say all the time that they have products for curly hair and then you read the ingredients and use the products and realize that it is just a bunch of crap and hype. I always end up going back to my leave in.

Elaine, Chicago

My hair is much healthier and longer than before. My stylist has noticed the difference in the overall health of my hair. I love love love Aloe & Jojoba leave In conditioner for my natural hair. This product is unbelievable . Its make your hair so soft and beautiful without weighing it down with petroleum and mineral oil. It has also helped my natural hair grow so much better. A must try product!

Jessica Smart (Chicago, IL)

 I started going to Ashley Lauren for a Hair Analysis appointment. and started using the Jojoba Hair Oil & the Leave in Conditioner. Within about 4 months of using the products, my bald spots grew back in. I am so thankful for Ashley Lauren for helping me with my hair.

Tris, Teacher, North Carolina

 I have been a loyal client for the past six years, the products have been nothing but good to my hair. Recently, I had experienced thinning and breakage with my locs, the Georgia's Jojoba oil helped me to grow back healthier hair.

Linda, Illinois

 I have used the hair products on both of my daughters hair and also my own for the past nine years. I no longer have the dry itchy scalp that I have had a problem with for so long. Also, my hair is a lot stronger and healthier. I plan to continue using your products for as long as Georgia makes them.

Jackie, Illinois

I have been praying to God for something for my hair. I was introduced to your products, from a sister at Second Baptist church (Evanston, IL) in 2007. I started using the hair products and my hair is much healthier and longer than its ever been. Thank you very much for making such great products. Can't do without my Leave-IN conditioner for my curly hair.

Victoria Laura-Berg (Niles, IL)

I have been a loyal client for seven years and Ashley Lauren products have been nothing but good to my hair.

Ashley Lauren Natural Products have worked great for my hair. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and Jojoba oil, and leave-in conditioner. I have had very good results with all the products, and am very satisfied.

Daniela, (Chicago, IL)

I have been using Ashley Lauren Products for over 10 years and my hair has grown longer and healthier from the Jojoba hair oil, and 100% natural hair care cream that I love for my locks and my little girls hair. Georgia's products are the best products in the world. I me her when she used to sell the product from her home back in 1999.

Carla Eason, Evanston, IL

Massage Therapist

Ashley Lauren Products have been the most natural, earthy products that have been made for women with virgin hair or Afro decent hair. I have been using this product on my toddler for 7 years, since she was born. Her hair is so healthy and very thick and long. I will continue to use Ashley Lauren as long as she exists. Not only is it good for braiding my daughter's hair and maintaining it. It is also the best product for pressing natural hair. I pressed my hair with the 100% natural hair cream and my hair appeared as though I had relaxed it.

Devine, (Evanston, IL)