James Story

 Before & After Pics of clients
that I helped.   

James Before James AfterJames After

Hi Georgia,
The 1st photo was taken on 04/03/2013, prior to beginning the Ashley Lauren Product Jojoba Hair Growth Oil\ Extra Strength\Rosemary. My hair was dyed black when this photo was taken.
The 2nd and 3rd photos of the hair on my head that was taken on 12/21/2013, approximately 8 months and 3 weeks after beginning use of Ashley Lauren Jojoba Hair Growth Oil\ Extra Strength\Rosemary. My hair is not dyed black in this photo. I discontinued dying my hair because I do not want to put anything on my hair that may interfere with the regrowth process.
As you can see, the December photo shows that my hair is growing in places that were bald prior to beginning use of Ashley Lauren Jojoba Hair Growth Oil\ Extra Strength\Rosemary

The camera flash was close to my head and all my new hair does not show clearly because it is white. My hair looks much more impressive in person. My barber called 2 two of his customers with thinning hair to come look at my hair and now you can expect two new customers to be ordering products from your website. One of them is a minister who was previously paying a fortune trying to get hair transplants. I showed them the photo that was taken of my head before I started using your products. They were both very impressed with my results and they could not believe that the prices of your hair care products were so low. I gave them information and they will visit your website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family and everyone at Ashley Lauren Natural Products