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 Try our 4 piece Anti Aging Kit for Healthy Glowing Skin 

Our luxurious anti-aging skin system is formulated with the finest botanicals, herbal extracts and essential oils. Key ingredients include pure Bulgarian rose oil, jojoba oil,  shea butter,  lavender  essential oil and vitamin E.

Set Includes: 

  • Tea Tree Facial Cleanser... Gently cleanses skin with herbal extracts, botanicals and essential oils. 5.5 oz 
  • Lemon Skin Toner..Exfoliates dead skin, tones pores and lightens dark spots for a more even skin tone and a healthier glowing complextion. 5 oz
  • Dead Sea Mud....Great for deep cleansing and toning tired aging skin.  Also makes a great mask for acne. Use for facials 1 -2 times per month to help tone aging skin. 2 oz.
  • Rose Anti-Aging Cream..Super rich cream helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also moisturizes, hydrates and protects your skin from the elements.

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